Browning Buckmark - If you require your 'trigger pull' to be lightened or require a match barrel please contact us !
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We can convert your Bolt Lock (B-41) to an ABR for an extra GBP 6.95 when undertaking the above work
We regret that due to our increased workload this service is not currently available. Do check out the KID Trigger Job Kit


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WhistlePig barrels


Modifications to a Standard Ruger trigger group to convert your standard 5-6lbs trigger pull to under 3lbs
GBP 59.95 + GBP 6.75 return carriage
























While we are modifying your Ruger trigger group why not ask us to replace your existing standard Ruger magazine release with the dual action RFD Smart LeverLever at the cost of between GBP 17.95 - GBP 19.95 (depending on model) - it would be Rude not too !

(Please note that the RFD Extended Magazine Release and Bolt Hold Open Lever will not operate correctly without the Bolt Lock modification mentioned above)