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These receivers designed for the Ruger 10/22™ platform are only sold as seperate items if the purchaser will sign a legally binding document that states that they will not 'pass off' or sell their gun with the Tactical Innovation receiver as a Rude Fat Dog custom build..


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Tactical Innovations receivers for 10/22's







Tactical Solutions
In response to customer demand for a high quality target grade precision machined replacement receiver for building a custom 10/22 rifle at an affordable price, serious target shooters, varmint shooters, as well as plinkers can enjoy the advantages of a machined receiver with a solid Picatinny mount that can be built into whatever level of precision is required. Our ELITE 22 replacement receiver is loaded with the features that easily separate it from a factory receiver while still being able to use factory parts to complete it.
Available as part of a semi or full custom 10/22 build.

This newly designed receiver from Tactical Innovations, which has an extended integral Picatinny Rail, will now be our chosen receiver for RFD Custom 10/22 style receivers.

The ELITE22 Replacement 10/22 Receiver starts as a 1 1/2 pound solid billet of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminium. Extensive CNC machining converts the solid block into an 8.3 ounces  precision receiver that does not have the rougher surface finish and casting imperfections that a cast receiver would frequently include. All dimensions of the receiver are held to close tolerances for reliable consistency.