The KID 10/22 Trigger is a two-stage match grade drop-in trigger for the Ruger 10/22 Rifle.  Fully adjustable pull weight from 6oz to 2.5lbs also adjustable for length of pull, cant, and over travel.  The KID trigger is available in long rifle and magnum versions and fits easily into any 10/22 style receiver giving the competitive match shooter and varmint hunter superior trigger control and aiding in overall accuracy.
Updated instructions for KID trigger adjustment

The KID two stage trigger is a precisely engineered unit and we strongly suggest that your TG is returned to us for servicing every 24 months (depending on usage). Servicing starts at GBP 47.50 + insured return carriage which is currently GBP 9.75. We strongly recommend that you have the trigger housing reset bar pin modification undertaken as this tends to work loose after a time. The cost of this, when having a standard service, is an extra GBP 25.00.


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Boyds Gunstocks

Being a 'time served' mechanical engineer by trade, Rude Fat Dog can fully appreciate the time and work that has been dedicated to the KID products manufactured by the company run by Tony and Maripat Kidd in the USA. Their 2 stage trigger assemblies are probably the best trigger mechanisms of this type currently available for the 10/22. We are proud to be able to offer their products.

This statement from Tony Kidd says it all: "As the owner and driving force behind Kidd Innovative Design, my foremost goal is to build and maintain the most reliable and accurate match grade products  for the Ruger 10/22™ Rifle."



KID 10/22 Products

Are you tired of your receiver pins falling on the floor every time you take your Barrelled action out of the stock? The KID Receiver Pins don't fall out and because they are oversized they lock the trigger housing to the receiver making them extremely rigid. This eliminates the accuracy destroying play between the stock and receiver. Installation requires countersinking of the receiver.

KID Receiver Pin Kit includes: two stainless receiver pins, two torx wrenches,  four 4-40 screws and an 82 degree counter sink.


















































KID Bolt Buffer with integral torsion bar - Eliminates "Bolt-Battering" of receiver. Dampens cycling vibrations. No more pins on the floor!
The superlative KID trigger assembly available in silver or black finish.
KID CNC omplete Bolt Assembly
Silver or black trigger unit with standard 'Extended' magazine release GBP 321.95
Receiver Pin Kit
Silver or black trigger unit with standard 'Extended' magazine release + Speed release lever GBP 352.90
GBP 18.95
GBP 35.95

The KIDD CNC Jewelled Match Bolt is a great addition to your existing or prospective rifle. It offers the following advantages:

N.B. As we purchase these products in US$ our prices are based on the prevailing exchange rates. When £Sterling is strong against the US Dollar we are able to offer extremely good prices but if the £Sterling falls dramatically we will need to increase our prices accordingly.

The curved trigger is the standard style but a 'straight' style is available.
Tactical Innovations
Tactical Solutions
WhistlePig barrels
RFD Diamond Match Target Hunter barrels maintain the same accuracy as the RFD Diamond Match Barrels but have the added benefit of a screwcut (1/2" UNEF) muzzle. for those who wish to use a moderator or compensator. To protect the thread, when not in use, a stainless steel thread protector, complete with KID logo, is also supplied.
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RFD Diamond Match target barrels, manufactured by KID are the result of engineering mastery and allegedly capable of .159" group at 50 yds. Incorporating a 1 in 16" twist and 11º target crown and with a convex extractor slot for greater rim contact

RFD Diamond Match KID Barrels Polished or Bead Blasted: 20", 18", 16.5" 14", 12.5" GBP 292.95

The KID extractor was designed using the latest AutoCad Computer Aided Design software and offers the geometry you have come to expect from Kidd Innovative Design. The KID extractor is cut from hardened (60c) A2 Tool Steel using the latest wire EDM (electrical discharge machine) machining technology. This allows tolerances to be held to .0002".  The KID Extractor ensures proper extraction and reliable ejection from tight match chambers.

GBP 12.95

EDM Extractor
GBP 7.95
The magazine release lever can easily be changed by loosening one screw - a hexagon wrench is included with the trigger unit
The standard KID trigger unit is supplied with an 'Extended' style magazine release and curved Red trigger blade. Straight trigger blades are available as an extra.
'Sportsman' magazine release in silver or black - Available only to be special order
'KID CNC Jewelled' KIDD Bolt
GBP 171.95 if part of a full custom gun or GBP 159.95 if purchased as an individual part.
Target Hunter Barrel
KID Screwcut Barrel

RFD Diamond Match Target Hunter Barrels Polished or Bead Blasted: 12.5", 14", 16.5", 18" GBP 383.95

KID Single Stge TG

The new KIDD Single Stage drop-in trigger unit. This patent pending design is adjustable from 1 1/2 pounds to 5 pounds with the turn of a plunger. It comes in Silver or Black anodised aluminum with a serrated trigger blade. The re-designed bolt holt open and interchangeable magazine lever is standard. N.B. The 'Extended' magazine release is supplied as standard. GBP 265.95

KID Single Stage Trigger