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WhistlePig Barrels
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Tactical Solutions



GBP 185.95
Boyds' stocks are available in the Blaster and ambidextrous Evolution design. Various colour combinations are usually available from stock.


Tactical Innovations


Boyds' Stocks


Ambidextrous Design!

The new Evolution is probably the finest all-around rimfire stock available!

The Evolution features excellent weight distribution for holding comfort, a large open grip area to fit any size hand, along with right and left-hand cheek piece for compatibility to any shooter. All qualities add to the comfort and stability of the stock for more accurate shooting, even lighter in weight than the Barracuda!

Since the forend drops below the barrel, sporters and .920" target barrels work well!

The LOP of these stocks is 13 3/4"


The Blaster's silhouette design, like all of the Boyd rimfire stocks, is excellent for serious competitors or simple recreation. It features a high comb for large diameter scopes. The comfortable hand-conforming thumbhole and flared forend assist in the distribution of firearm weight through the fingers, wrist and shoulders, creating accurate off-hand shooting over standard designed gunstocks.











































































GBP 185.95


Supply and fit an adjustable Butt Plate. GBP 44.95