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Black Powder - Rifles

Gibbs by Davide Pedersoli

Reproduction of one of the most famous rifles in the field of the precision target shooting, made in 1865 by the English gunsmith George Gibbs. A rifle born to satisfy both the aesthetical purists and the shooters who wish to challenge in the 100 meters target shooting and longer ranges. Blue, steel octagon to round barrel. The stock is made in European walnut, checkered, oil finished and completed with a ebony butt cap and nose cap. The pistol grip shape enables a comfortable grip and a very good balance. Equipped with high precision Creedmoor sight, windage and elevation adjustment of the eye piece up to 3" about (76 mm), spirit level tunnel front sight with windage adjustable with a micrometer screw, completed with a set of 15 interchangeable inserts (USA 408).

2003 NRA RECORD Competitions Black Powder Target Competitions: 800, 900 and 1000 Yards

Gibbs Standard Percussion model


Springfield 1861 by Davide Pedersoli

Originally made during 1861, in limited quantities, by the “Springfield” Armoury, this replica, authentically reproduces one of America’s most historical firearms. More efficient than the earlier smooth bored muskets used by both sides in the American Civil War. It is produced with satin finish barrel, stock with three bands, coin finish colour steel furniture. The lock is finished bright with U.S. SPRINGFIELD stamping’s.

Springfield 1861 Percussion model


Bristlen A. Morges by Davide Pedersoli

This replica of a Swiss target rifle is the perfect embodiment of elegance and quality. It authentically reproduces in every detail, springs, screws, sights, included in the original gun produced by Marc Bristlen between 1839 and 1860, in the town of Morges. It is produced both in standard with colour case hardened lock and fittings, and Deluxe version enriched with engravings on the polished steel lock and fittings. The barrel is incised BRISTLEN A MORGES, highlighted in silver characters. The oil finished stock is, for both versions, of the finest European walnut. Particular attention has been given to the lock where all parts work together in perfect harmony. It is provided with vertically and horizontally adjustable Creedmoor sight and has a double phase set trigger adjustable for weight and minimum trigger pull, thanks to its particular spring system can be adjusted down to 0,13 lbs (60 g). The gun is equipped with palmrest knob and with a false muzzle .44 caliber. It is optimised for the 50 yards shooting matches. This replica because of the particularly high quality artistic work, is produced only in limited quantities to order.

Pforzheim (D) 1989 Leusden (NL) 1990 Camp Perry (USA) 1992 (Team) Warwick (GB) 1996 (Team) Warwick (GB) 1998 (Team)

Bristlen A. Morges Standard Percussion model